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Cayman Indicolite Ring

Cayman Indicolite Ring

Dynamic, sparkly and unique ring. Majestic oval deep indicolite swarovski crystal statement ring set in glorious gold.

Feel confident and fearless in this stunning gold statement ring. Classic oval shape brought back to life with the energetic depth of the indicolite Swarovski crystal.

Brave this ring to work or wear it fearlessly for cocktail hour. The sparkle on this ring is all encompassing and addictive.

Be a force to reckon with by adding on the Cayman Crystal Drop Earrings.



Elegant Unique Ethical jewellery made affordable. Bidiliia.


Nitty Gritty : 

- Finish : Gold / Indicolite Swarovski Crystal

- Base Metal : pewter/brass

- Nickle free galvanization 

- Origin : handcrafted in Spain 

- Type : adjustable ring

Customer Reviews

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Nerissa Bentley
Sparkalicious - guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Life was pretty dull during the winter of 2020. Five months into Melbourne’s seven-month lockdown I was feeling really flat and drab. I needed something to brighten my days, something to make me feel special and sparkly. And so, I treated myself to Bidiliia’s Cayman Statement Ring and Cayman drop earrings. The day my parcel arrived was one of the highlights of 2020. After undoing the gorgeous packaging, and reading the handwritten note that accompanied my purchase, I put them on straight away. I immediately felt happier, more alive, and more glamorous, despite wearing my old track pants and sweat top that had become my ‘winter uniform’. I started wearing them during Zoom calls and the extra bling put a spring in my step, even if it was just inside my house.

When we came out of lockdown on my 50th birthday, I felt like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis as I stepped out wearing my Bidiliia. So many people commented on the stunning colour, the quality and how it sparkled. Other than how special Bidiliia makes me feel, my favourite thing is that the ring size is adjustable — which means I can still wear it on hot days when my fingers swell or when my arthritis is flaring.

I was so impressed with my purchase that I came back to buy a special gift for my mum’s birthday.

Bidiliia jewellery is unique, ethical, high-quality, sparkalicious, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Tanya J.
Need a statement BLING-RING? This is it

I may be completely biased, as this ring is in my favourite shade of blue-green, but this is the best ring ever. The shine is impossible to capture in photos, but safe to say I've blinded a few passers-by with an unexpected rainbow dazzle from this beauty. With the adjustable band in just the right shade of gold and the perfect thickness, this ring feels rock solid. I have sometimes shied away from big rings in case they catch on things, but this one is smooth enough to not catch and secure enough that I don't stress if it does. Don't even think twice - snap this and the matching earrings up before they inevitably sell out. Perfect gift for mother's day, birthday gifts for the woman who has everything and best of all, eco-friendly gifts for people who love stuff and the planet and looking after the artisans and makers of the world.

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