Sylar Amethyst Swarovski Ring

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Sylar Amethyst Swarovski Ring

Serene. Peaceful. Joyous. 
Bring a little all the time, everytime joy in your life with the gorgeous amethyst swarovski ring - finished with blushing rose gold.

Sylar is an easy to wear, life friendly, keyboard friendly - joyous ring

The purpley goodness of amethyst is simply stunning and will make you feel a serenity we all want to feel but find hard to get to. It’s sparkliness makes it absolutely delicious

Featuring Amethyst Swarovski in a lemon cut that has endless facets that reflect light making this ring extremely sparkly

Commit to a happier sparklier life when you add on the Sylar Amethyst Swarovski® Earrings



Elegant Unique Ethical jewellery made affordable. Bidiliia.


Nitty Gritty : 

Dimensions :

Finish : Rose Gold plating / Amethyst Swarovski crystal

Metal : pewter/brass

Origin : artisan made in Spain 

Plating : nickle free lead free galvanization 

Type : adjustable statement ring

Customer Reviews

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Purple sparkles that are so pretty and I love this band. It’s so light it doesn’t weigh you down.