Oh HELLO ! Bracelet

Oh HELLO ! Bracelet

Black diamond goodness, because it's never enough. We are so in love with the mysterious nature of the black diamond swarovski, grey tones highlighted with subtle greens, reflective and self creative moods. 

Oh Hello ! Where did you get that bracelet from? We've been shying from bracelets, but, this is one we can get on board with. The perfect balance of sparkliness and comfort. And ribbon, love a little ribbon. A definite conversation starter. 

This bracelet will steal your heart, they're easy to wear and a great mix of corporate chic and friday night. The perfect size and the perfect tonal color. Light enough for comfort, dramatic enough for flair. If you're in the mood to go further up chic creek, pair it up with the E Squared earrings ;) 

Black Diamond, genuine swarovski crystal, highlighted in the perfect circle, finished in rose gold.   



Elegant Sparkly Ethical jewellery made affordable. Bidiliia.


Nitty Gritty : 

- Gold / Swarovski Elements in Black Diamond

- lobster closure bracelet

- hand molded and handcrafted 

- metal : pewter/brass

- plating : 24k gold and copper

- handmade in spain