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May 12, 2023 4 min read 0 Comments

Finding the best earrings for your face shape can be like finding a Swarovski in a haystack. But once you get it right, your outfit will always be on point, and your confidence levels will soar.

Discover your ear style and always feel fabulous and sparkly.

Oval Shaped Divas:
Created for Statement Pieces

oval face shape
Oval shaped faces were created for statement pieces. Oval face shapes possess an innate elegance and versatility, with their gracefully elongated proportions and harmonious curves.
These enchanting faces are like the chameleons of the fashion world, effortlessly adapting to a wide variety of styles and accessories. Reach ethereal perfection with studs, long drops, large hoops, drops as well as both top- and bottom-heavy designs.

Celebrities with oval face shapes include the stunning Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Uma Thurman.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Oval Faced Divas:
Odette chain drop earrings, Vintage Glam stud earrings, Mindy blue Swarovski earrings.
 swarovski rose gold earrings 

Round Face Shapes:
Adorably Alluring

round face shape
Round face shapes exude an irresistible charm and allure with their perfectly balanced proportions and enchanting curves.
These adorable faces showcase a youthful, playful spirit that brings a delightful and captivating energy to the fashion scene.
Round face shapes are gloriously balanced. Bring out the best of your perfectly moulded faces with studs, long drops, hoops of all sizes, and bottom-heavy drops.

Think Mila Kunis and Selena Gomez for round face chicness.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Round Faced Bombshells: 
Serrano chili Swarovski hoops, Sea glam indicolite studs, Mila dainty drop earrings
Swarovski hoop earrings  indicolite swarovski earrings  dainty drop earrings

Rectangular Face Shapes:
Striking and Sophisticated

rectangular face shape
Rectangular face shapes boast an air of elegance and sophistication, with their balanced proportions and strong jawlines. They exude a regal aura, like modern-day monarchs reigning over the fashion world.
Feel the blue blood go through your veins when you adorn bold studs, round earrings, large hoops, drops, and top-heavy drops.

You get to join the royal ranks with Kate Winslet and Lucy Liu with a marvellous rectangular face shape. 
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Rectangular Faced Royals: 
Pride rainbow earrings, Aviary Swarovski Hoops, Ma Cherie drop earrings.
  rose gold swarovski hoops  lavender swarovski drop earrings

Square Shaped Faces:
Confidently Chic

square face shape
Square face shapes radiate confidence and chicness with their symmetrically striking features and bold jawlines. These fab faces can play up their angles, experimenting with a variety of accessories and styles that add depth and dimension to their already captivating look.
Square-shaped faces have a ton of fun when highlighted with long drops, small and large hoops, drops, and bottom-heavy drops.

Think Angelina Jolie and Kiera Knightley and bask in their warm glory when thinking square.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Square Faced Stunners:
Kaling red drop earrings, Frida pink drop earrings, Perla pearl drop earrings
  swarovski pink drop earrings  swarovski pearl drop earrings

Triangular Faces:
Pop Royalty Charm

triangle face shape
Triangular face shapes showcase a dynamic and distinctive charm with their prominent cheekbones and tapered chins. These uniquely alluring faces embody a sense of creative flair, as they effortlessly play with angles and dimensions. Triangular faces have the charm of pop royalty - your faces are best suited to studs, long drops, small hoops, large hoops, and drops.

For inspo, go no further than fashion icon and spice girl Victoria Beckham and gorgeous Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Triangular Faced Queens:
Blush On studs, Zowie rose gold drop earrings, Laila lime green earrings.
rose gold swarovski stud earrings  swarovski rose gold earrings  

Diamond Shaped Faces:
Distinguished and Elegant

diamond face shape
Distinguishable cheekbones are the most envious feature of a diamond-shaped face. These dazzling faces exude an air of sophistication and elegance, capturing attention with their striking, yet delicate features. It's easy to achieve high impact with simple shapes like studs, round earrings, small hoops, short drops, and both top and bottom-heavy drops.

Be inspired by fellow sparkly diamonds, Rihanna and Audrey Tautou.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Diamond Faced Beauties:
Stella blue earrings, Supernova Swarovski stud earrings, Cleo Swarovski drop earrings 
swarovski blue earrings  swarovski stud earrings  swarovski drop earrings 

Heart Shaped Faces:
Lovestruck and Luminous

heart shaped face
These heavenly faces possess a romantic charm that captures the hearts and minds of fashion admirers everywhere. Their endearing features create a playful and whimsical canvas for a variety of styles.
The shape of love, the heart-shaped glow is best highlighted with studs, round earrings, small hoops, drops, and both top-and bottom-heavy drops.

Fashion mogul Mary-Kate Olsen and bombshell Scarlett Johansson know how to amplify their gorgeous heart-shaped faces.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Heart Faced Loves: 
Equator thick hoops, Miggy vitrail stud earrings, Amelie red earrings
thick gold and silver hoops  vitrail swarovski stud earrings  

Oblong Shaped Faces:
Luscious Versatility

Oblong face shape
Oblong face shapes showcase a sleek and graceful charm, with their elongated proportions and harmoniously balanced features. These outstanding faces possess a timeless elegance that transcends trends.
Luscious oblong shaped faces are versatile and easy-going, flirting well with studs, round earrings, small hoops, drops as well as both top- and bottom-heavy drop designs.

Fashion icons Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow carry their oblongs with epic style and panache.
Top three Bidiliia Sparkle Suggestions for Oblong Faced Fashionistas: 
Kizzy blue drop earrings, Aline indicolite earrings, Jack black Swarovski stud earrings
blue drop earrings  Indicolite Swarovski earrings  swarovski black stud earrings

What Happens When You Find Your Perfect Pair? 💖
- You're more confident
- You stop second-guessing yourself & save time
- You're happier & sparklier ✨
- The world becomes your sparkly oyster
- There's a spring in your step
- You hold your head high

But do you know your face shape? or how to figure it out? 
Worry not, we have you sorted because when you have that figured out there's no stopping you. 

So let's measure (it's also a bit of fun)

All you need is a ruler and a calculator. 
A: Measure from your crown to your chin.
B: Divide that number by 3.
C: Measure from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin.
The Results:
If B is greater than C, then you either have a Rectangular face or a Square face.
If B is less than C, then you either have a Round face, Triangular face or a Diamond face.
If B an C are equal, or close, then you either have a Heart shaped face, Oblong face or an Oval face.
If your chin is pointy, then you are heart shaped.
If your chin is round then you have an oval shaped face.

That. Is. It.
Now that you know, it's time to find the sparkles best Bidiliia earrings for your face shape and shine bright like the star you are 🌟

Note: the measurement guide is based on Beautiful Brows by Nancy Parker. 
All illustrations have been custom drawn for Bidiliia by illustrator Aditi Jain.