Taking Care

Bidiliia's little pieces of joy can last forever and a day, they need a little TLC like all things (and relationships). We've tried to share all the details you might need to take care of your little jewels ! 



- We're not really water babies, should we land up in a little water (a rainstorm / shower / swim) please pat us dry with a clean cloth to ensure there is no nasty build up or discoloring. 

- Always spray or apply your perfume and / or makeup BEFORE you wear your jewellery and it is best to wait a few minutes before wearing your jewelry. 

- If like you, your jewellery had a busy day at work or partied hard at night (read : perspiration), wipe it with a clean and dry cloth before your store it, until next time. 

- If like us you love it enough to wear it day in and day out and then some, just wipe it down with a clean dry cloth once a week. 

- Keeping your jewellery away from harms way (little kids ...eerrgh) and storing it in a closed box/container/pouches is another way of ensuring its longevity. 

- PLEASE DON'T store it in an area that is bound to contain moisture like a bathroom or excessive heat like your kitchen. 

- PLEASE DON'T use any cleaning products (natural or synthetic) to clean your jewellery, a simple clean dry cloth can do wonders, if you'd really like to use an alternate we recommend the jewellery cleaning/polishing cloth from Muji.