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March 28, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

What makes Swarovski crystals special?

We want to give you a quick break down what makes Swarovski Crystals so dang special and why we choose genuine Swarovski to bring sparkle to our jewellery.

We are absolute sparkle lovers and there is method to our madness. 
Our brand is dedicated to creating glamorous and sustainable jewellery, ensuring that our sparkle-loving customers can indulge guilt-free. That's why we chose Swarovski crystals – they're not only dazzling but also eco-friendly and responsibly produced.

We exclusively use GENUINE Swarovski crystals for our gorgeous jewellery, for two reasons : 

1. Nothing quite matches the brilliance of a Genuine Swarovski Crystal, does it ? There is no better manmade crystal on the market and you knew that, right ? 

2. Genuine Swarovski crystals have always, proudly abided by ethical and sustainable standards while creating their stones and are deemed as eco-friendly because of their structural composition. They are at the forefront of being eco-conscious and using technology to ensure we create ethically and responsibly. YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT, right ? HOW AMAZING

If you break it down completely Swarovski's are man made glass and not a crystal in the traditional sense, so they should (probably) not identify as crystals but they do courtesy of a man named Daniel Swarovski who created these 'diamonds for everyone' and he did this by cutting glass with extreme precision and then patenting the machine that would later make him gazillions and bring a little eco-sparkle to everyone

And even though originally the lead content in the crystal was around 32%, Swarovski has worked tirelessly to ensure that they follow best practice from an early stage and they publish sustainability reports every two years

32% lead is quite high but over the years they fine tuned their processes to ensure sustainability and a few years ago Swarovski introduced 'Advance Crystal Standard' ensuring that the responsibly and sustainable selected raw materials contain 0.009 % lead or less. Now that's something to brag about, we would think

3. Eco-friendly and ethically made: Their crystal composition has been thoroughly tested by The Fraunhofer Institute in Denmark to be confirmed as an eco-friendly crystal. Taking away our need for non-renewable crystals and stones that are cause for environmental damage and blood wars. The Fraunhofer Institute in Denmark has rigorously tested Swarovski's crystal composition and confirmed it to be an eco-friendly alternative to non-renewable crystals and stones that cause environmental damage and contribute to blood wars. By choosing Swarovski crystals, we can provide our customers with a sustainable sparkle and play a part in protecting our planet.

4. Unrivalled Brilliance and Sustainability: Swarovski crystals not only offer unmatched sparkle, but they also demonstrate Swarovski's dedication to ethical and sustainable standards. By using genuine Swarovski crystals, we can deliver stunning jewellery pieces that align with our values of responsibility and environmental consciousness.

So we at Bidiliia use ONLY Genuine Swarovski Crystals to ensure the planet smiles with your sparkles

Drop your mined gems for crystals that are eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable and MOST IMPORTANTLY SPARKLY AF 

Get your eco-warrior bling on with Bidiliia jewellery and genuine Swarovski's


Pssst : Our all time favourite are the Vintage Glam Statement Ring and Vintage Glammer Earrings 


Quote : 

“supporting social and environmental projects is the obligation of any responsible company”

- Daniel Swarovski 



Last updated : 21 Match 2023