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Our Story


Self confidence comes from inside, sparkly jewellery just makes it easier.

Those little things. They transform the way you feel about your day. You feel a connection with your favourite jewels because they bring out your confidence and shine a light on your natural sparkle.


You look down and catch yourself smiling at the sparkle on your finger. Or you push back your hair and feel good about the sparkle dangling from your ears.

Because you didn’t wait around for someone else to spot that jewellery, you found it and you bought it yourself because you’re a strong independent forward-thinking woman and you will not settle for second best. 

All while supporting a business with heart.


As a society we’re conditioned to believe that exceptional quality is unaffordable and like you we like our own independent train of thought so we’re out to make you feel confident and burn that myth to ashes.

We believe that we all deserve better.

We believe exceptional quality comes easy when your artisans are happy, happy people make happy jewellery.


We create to make you happy

Because we know that your time is precious and you want to look and feel your best even though you might not have the time to do so. 

Impactful, elegant, dictated by life and most importantly sparkly jewellery.

Trans-seasonal pieces that will move with you from Summer to Winter and from Australia to New York and everywhere in between.

And that it’s been handmade ethically by happy artisans who are paid a fair wage and are free to attend the tomatina festival should they wish to.


Why Tomatina you say ?

Our ethical jewellery is handmade on a small island off of mainland Spain.

We bring jewellery straight from artisans so we've skipped brokerage this in turn ensures that our sparkly jewellery is affordable so you can enjoy exceptional quality with the knowledge that a small family in Menorca keeps artisan joy alive. Our artisans support and are supported by Menorca Talayotica  which links to UNESCO - an organisation that works endlessly towards creating a better human race by working towards sustainability and larger environmental issues while conserving the island of Menorca.

It's simple – we respect humans and our planet heaps more than unjustifiable profit margins and EVERYONE should wear pretty jewellery and feel fabulous.


Why Bidiliia and who am I ?

I’m Anu, the human behind Bidiliia and my most important role is of being a mum to the most kind hearted and caring little girl who inspires me to a better human everyday and to make the world a little bit better everyday.

Bidiliia means strong and powerful and the word has Irish roots.

The concept for Bidiliia was dreamt up in the hospital when I was recovering from Total Knee Replacement Surgery in October 2015. This was my second surgery. 12 weeks before a TKR, I had undergone a Bilateral Hip Replacement, the surgeries all preceded by months of pain and inability to walk and weight gain and not fitting into clothes and not wanting to try. 

'Jewellery' in the worst of times made me happy. Meticulously crafted jewellery that wears well has the capacity to boost your day and makes you feel good, for me it served a bigger purpose, it brought joy to otherwise excruciating days.

Designing & Developing accessories for more than 12 years, I have worked for some of the worlds most cherished brands internationally and in Australia, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, Don Algodon, Gap, The Gazal group & Leona Edmiston to name a few. My work adventures have taught me how to effectively design, forecast and bring squiggly drawings to life. 

Having designed for other brands - locally and overseas, I got tired of their processes, squeeze on margins & inhumane timelines and decided that I could do better. It was an added bonus that I had the know how to make better.

My vision goes a little further and dives deep into the life of the artisans I have chosen, lending respect to their skill & artistry. Bidiliia is as much about good clean design as it is about quality and respect for art. It's at the core of my belief that respect for craft is essential.  

I believe that it's easy to change how you look and feel with the right piece of jewellery and sparkly is always better but also that kindness in everything we do is what drives Bidiliia.

Embrace your sparkles with Bidiliia.

Anu. xx