Our Story



Bidiliia stems from an appreciation for life and respect for all women, the jewellery is timeless, versatile, chic and an amalgamation of cultures to represent the global culture we all exist in. Undictated by trends, the details for all our pieces have been thought of and handcrafted, meticulously. We're creating strength, love & joy, through our pieces of ethical jewellery. 

Our jewellery is created to wear from work all the way to and through the weekend without extending your jewellery drawer, all without the burden of an enormous (read : guilt-free) expense. We're effectively bridging the quality gap between high end and high street while creating jewellery that the wearer can treasure and create a deep emotional attachment to. 

Our design philosophy is 'life', one that doesn't work according to a plan. Bidiliia is a tribute to the strength of the tiniest person in our life and represents strength, love and joy !




About our jewellery

Our jewellery is handmade with integrity in small towns, villages, relatively unknown islands world over, we are trying to revive artisanal craft one mold at a time.

We bring jewellery straight from artisans, so we've skipped brokerage, this in turn ensures that we keep our price points in check so you can enjoy exceptional quality with the knowledge that a little unknown village in Menorca gets a chance at reviving their craft. Our artisans support and are supported by Menorca Talayotica - an organisation that works endlessly towards creating better human race by working towards sustainability and larger environmental issues. 

We're doing our part to ensure what we create is done responsibly and with integrity & honesty. 




About the Bidiliia caretaker : 

Welcome to our little dream, my name is Anu and I'm (most importantly) mumma to the most kind hearted and caring 4 year girl, who inspires me to a better human everyday. Work and passion for work is something I was born with, having worked for designers, fashion buying houses and export houses from various spectrum's, has armed me with the knowledge to understand manufacturing and retail in great depth, with career highlights including outputs for Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole, Gap, Banana Republic & Leona Edmiston to name a few. I can talk forever and there's more here.

Women, often, carry stilettos in their totes, I'd like to to be able to add jewellery to that, there is nothing simpler than putting on gorgeous piece of jewellery to make you feel (and look) fabulous. 

Gift yourselves a piece of joy, ladies !!

Strength, love & joy xx