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What is ethical jewellery ?

What is ethical jewellery ?

Jewellery that's made ethically and compassionately is the future and it’s a more humane way of feeling confident and empowered.

Why should you care ?

While we sparkle in our statement rings and luscious earrings we often neglect the artisans that make our dazzlers or the affect our beautiful jewellery has on the environment.
The slow fashion movement has well and truly arrived, but, it's often limited to apparel and a handful of accessories. Slow or ethical jewellery has a long way to go to get the same status as ethical apparel / fashion.

So we ask again, what is ethical jewellery ? Really ?

Ethical as defined by the International Labour Organisation refers to fair wage for artisans, good working conditions (health and safety), avoidance of child labour or forced labour (slavery).
However, ethical when referring to retail and fashion at large is inclusive of socio-economic implications, sustainability and the affect on our environment.
For brand Bidiliia it has meant finding a balance between both definitions. By respecting our artisans, our environment and your money.


We pay fair wages and do not negotiate on wages (EVER).
Our artisans get paid what they quote and we prioritise their payments over everything else.
This works for us on two levels :
1. We're not profiting at their expense and that we both respect and adhere to our promises.
2. It keeps us all happy and happy artisans make happy (ethical) jewellery ensuring a long term relationship we can both rely on and respect.
Much link the Vintage Glam - it's a happy piece of jewellery, surely you agree ?
Rose gold ethical ring with swarovksi crystal


The metals used for our jewellery is sourced locally and uses a combination of re-purposed metals and new metals (for stability).
We steer clear of all non-renewable crystals and gems by using lead free eco stones popularly know as Swarovski crystals. Read more about Swarovski crystals here.
Our jewellery is handmade in workshops not factories by people that want to create a better future for themselves and their kids.
Our artisans support and are supported by Menorca Talayotica which links to UNESCO - an organisation that works endlessly towards creating better human race by working towards sustainability and larger environmental issues while conserving the island of Menorca (pictured below - pretty yeah ?)
Bidilia vegan ethical jewellery


Ethical fashion is mostly expensive, making it harder to break the fast fashion cycle.
We took it upon ourselves to take ethical one step further with fair pricing.
We've skipped standard business costing models that often entail at 12x margin and kept our prices in check making affordable ethical jewellery.
Bidiliia focuses on creating exceptional quality ethically and compassionately, ensuring that you look and feel confident and empowered in our jewellery, always.
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  • This is so informative! I had no idea what all went into ethical jewelry!

    Taira Adair Art
  • Thanks for this post, and shedding light on this important issue!

    Kristi Porter
  • Thank you for sharing!

  • Love this oh so much. Beautiful jewelry AND ethically sourced. Thank you for sharing this info!!


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