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November 27, 2018 4 min read 0 Comments

5 mindful affordable ways to sparkle this Christmas

There are seven thousand ways to look fabulous this party season and while buying new clothes seems to hold popularity we're hoping to persuade you to reconsider. We’ll show you 5 brilliant and affordable ways to zhuzh your look this Christmas. 

Sparkle season is officially underway and though we all want to go out and buy that sparkly dress for $400 – it’s the same one that won’t see the light of day after this season because it’ll be out of style for the next decade – so why go there when there are ways you could sparkle without adding any new clothes to your wardrobe. 

Here are our top 5 amazing affordable ways for you to sparkle and look (and feel) fabulous this Christmas. 


  1. Bio glitter from Make Up Weapons- their glitter is a film made primarily from Eucalyptus trees, sourced from responsibly managed plantations and that’s not even the good part.

The good part is that it looks FABULOUS and you could easily glimmer out your favourite lipstick or add a little to your everyday blush to intensify your fabulousness. 

make up weapons bio glitter       

So it’s a definite bonus to know that their glitter is :

  • 40% softer than the poly stuff we apply so liberally besides being
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free from parabens

Make Up Weapons bio glitter is available in 7 colours and a tiny jar will take you from Christmas to Mardi-gras. Even if you’re a no go at make up adding a little glitter to your everyday lip balm is a bit of a no brainer.

Head to their website to find your glitter

Or find then on socials at : Facebook and Instagram


  1. Bella Belle Nail Couture – honestly I LOVE nail paint and good nail paints free of nasties are hard to come by.So when we came across nail paints at Bella Belle we just couldn’t look away. They have the most extensive range of shimmery and holographic colours that’ll brighten up any outfit.
    Our favourites are : Blossom (pink to peach thermal) and Tasting the Stars - super versatile and perfectly sparkly nail paints. 

eco gifts for her for christmas holographic nail paint   sparkly gifts for her champagne eco nail paint
They’re definitely NOT your average nail paint and it’s good to know that they’re :

  • Handmade in Melbourne
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Free of the 5 big nasties : No Synthetic Camphor, DPB, Formaldehyde, Toluene and TSF
  • Much more affordable than your average high street toxic nail paint brand

Shop up their sparkly glitter nail paints on their website.

And find them on socials at Facebook and Instagram


  1. Desidrate Jewellery – right about now you’re thinking why would a jewellery brand post the jewels of another. It’s because there is NO brand that caters to everyone and if you’re a boho silver jewellery lover, there is no place better than Desiderate jewellery on the interwebs.

Their jewellery is expressive and will serve you beyond the party season. Our top picks are :

The Eclipse Raw Tanzanite necklace it's a classy drop pendant that'd look amazing on any outfit (LOVE IT) and The Wanderers Hammered Silver Bracelet because going past hammered metals in sacrilege and they're an absolute classic - stack these up or go out solo with the wanderer.

   tanzanite silver drop pendant      silver hammered bangle desiderate

Their crystals are sourced consciously and their jewellery is handmade ethically. I knew there was something special about Desiderate when I recently read a post about them losing two of their beloved artisans in a motorbike accident. Businesses that care are businesses we love.

 Shop Boho jewellery on their website.

Find them on socials at Facebook and Instagram


  1. The Vegan Mineral Lipsticks from Gemma Vendetta are a sure shot way to glam up your wardrobe this season. Their Vintage inspired shades are all about the pin up doll in you. Gemma’s lipsticks are made to last – the day and beyond the season.

Using classic lipstick shades that suit a variation of skin types, we love the The Vendetta Mineral Lipstick and The Fontaine Mineral Lipstick for glamming out night after night and day after day this Christmas.

   eco lipstick gemma vendetta the vendetta    the fontaine eco vegan lipstick gemma vendetta

Even though we’ve picked lipsticks as our mindful pick they do a LOT more than just lush your lips by having you covered for all your make up needs. 

It’s reassuring to know that they’re ALL :

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Use rich pigments so no constant touch ups
  • Use Seed oil and Jojoba oil so they’re hydrating
  • Better priced than the synthetics we hear of everywhere
  • NO SILICONE – that stuff shouldn’t be on your lips

Head to Gemma's Website to find the perfect lippie. 

Or find them on socials at Facebookand Instagram


  1. There is NO WAY we could go past our top 5 without including Bidiliia Jewellery. Elegant luscious ethical jewellery – handmade to perfection. It’s a sure shot way to sparkle this festive season and then have a classic piece of jewellery to make you feel special year round.

Bidiliia jewellery is investment jewellery made affordable. It's all the things you've been wanting in jewellery all your life. Our top picks for the season would be the Emerald Isle Crystal Stud Earrings - Emerald Isle Statement Ring they're emerald and other than being season appropriate they're classic and a close second would be The Galaxy Crystal Drop Earrings and Galaxy Crystal Cocktail Ringsuper versatile, easy to wear and an uplifter to ALL outfits. 

emerald statement ring       crystal drop earrings cocktail ring

A few things you should know about our sparkly jewellery : 

  • Ethically handmade 
  • Uses only genuine swarovski's (also deemed as eco stones)
  • We work with families of artisans and forgo the big polluters so you're truly shopping small
  • We're planting a tree with for every order placed until the end of the year 

Shop Bidiliia jewellery on our Website

Find us on socials at Facebook and Instagram.


Let’s be honest – come Christmas time we all start buying more than we need.

Buy Less. Choose Well. Make It Last ALWAYS. 

Shop small and have a sparkly Christmas.