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July 20, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

Ginghams are BACK !!

If you’re keeping up with fashion trends and forecasts – you’d know by now – that GINGHAMS are ALL the range for next season and that makes me JUMP – because – NOTHING drives colour better in accessories than a fabulous gingham.

If you can lend your creative mind for a moment – think black and white gingham fabulousness with a stunning earrings in YELLOW or CORAL or TURQUOISE – isn’t that just the most yummy connection.

A crazy classic with the right pair of earrings – like our Sea Glammer duo which is back in stock for a limited time in August.

So we set out to get ahead of the trend and find some fabulous ginghams that are available and some of these are on sale, so you can and should STOCK up for warmer weather. You’ll be trend ready and life ready. We have a few surprising colours out this summer that include – Emerald, Tangerine, Buttercup yellow, Coral & a few other tones that’ll delight your senses AND  we are drooling over a few ginghams to combine with our dynamic summer colours and we want to share these with you :


First : it’s GOT TO BE : 
MODELLA CLOTHING with the Tanee Clothing Gingham Off Shoulder Maxi DressTanee Clothing Double Gingham Midi Dress AND a scrumptiously ginghamy playsuit – BIG BONUS - they are all on SALE !!

Modella clothing excels at easy to wear, fun, stylish clothing - with quirky detailing and they include a little surprise with every piece of joy they send your way. 


Browse through all things Modella at : https://modella.com.au  

Follow Modella at : https://www.instagram.com/modellaclothing/

We know which one we’re getting. Have you picked a favourite yet ? 

Then : We couldn’t go past :
ALLERTON COLLECTION and their upcoming summer collection - thanks for the sneak peak !  Allerton swimwear is made from reclaimed and regenerated Lycra made from discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles. Made ethically and focus on being kind to our environment. It’s a total bonus that their swimwear is STUNNING !!!

This particular Gingham gorgeousness will be available from September 2018, and we can TOTALLY see these with a pair of hoops we’ve got in the works – are you sighing like we are ?



Browse all things Allerton at : https://allerton.com.au – Sign up to be the first to get your hands on their new Ginghams in September.

Follow Allerton at : https://www.instagram.com/allertonswimwear/


EVEN the big names are onto Ginghams : like Dolce and Gabbana :
This Uber cool yes professional Gingham is available at Outnet and as a small brand that’s all we’re willing to lend out ;)
THOUGH – this particular do would look fab with a LOT of Bidiliia pieces – like the Drops Of Jupiter earrings – not $1100 !


And, last, but, by no means the least

TONLE : we could NOT go past the fabulous ‘Srey Prov Trousers’ from Tonle. They’re a brand I love and admire, they’re focused on Zero waste manufacturing and you’d want to buy their entire collection, because, they’re really thought about how the impact of their manufacturing with a complete focus on how the clothes wear on real women. #zerowastefashion


Shop Tonle at : https://tonle.com/

Follow Tonle at : https://www.instagram.com/tonledesign/

Ginghams are great for SO many reasons and we can’t wait to style up our sparkly earrings and fabulous ethical rings with Ginghams !


Until Next Time,
Anu. Xx


Anu, is the designer and owner of Bidiliia.
Bidiliia focuses of ethically handmade fashion jewellery.

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