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November 06, 2019 5 min read 0 Comments

Luxury gifts for women who have everything.

We all know at least one woman who has “everything we could think of” and almost everything her heart desires, she wants nothing. It’s a tough gig buying gifts for the woman who wants nothing.

She’s always content with what she has. Because she focuses on quality, buys less, buys better and makes her wares last. She demands luxury and won’t settle for less.

It’s often difficult to gauge and find truly appreciable gifts for women, gifts that really make her feel special. We’re making it easier for you to please her by curating 7 consciously created luxury gifts for the woman who has everything.


Starting off with Ritology. Old school made new but made significantly better (and cooler). Drop your need for the plastic razor with the smooth operating new age razors for women from Ritology. Their razor is the ultimate in self care, providing a cleaner smoother shave that lasts longer.

Simple, practical, sustainable design, yup yup. All of that. But, we love it for giving us delectable skin with a luscious glow and allowing us to slow down to enjoy the experience of finally obtaining marvelously smooth skin.

Replace your pink and purple plastic razors with this long lasting razor that helps you achieve luxurious skin. Invest in smoother skin and save the planet from plastic landfill at the same time.

plastic free affordable razors for women sustainable self care for women by ritology

Glorious affordable razors from Ritology.

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Achieve soft, pouty, luscious lips with the Avirida 100% organic, no nasties lip balm. And even though that's a pretty amazing promise, each lip balm comes in a box made of bamboo segments, now THAT is 100% plastic free, as it should be.

The BOO lips lip balm is packed with coconut and lemon myrtle goodness that help achieve juicy lips by revitalising chapped lips naturally. Yummm.

The woman who wants nothing definitely wants juicier lips made possible with Avirida.

We’re also eyeing their ‘Face the music’ mud and clay face mask to rebalance and revitalise your skin. Bonus : it’s a concentrate, so more banging skin for your buck.

Cool fact : Avirida are the creators and patent owners for their glorious individually handmade unique bamboo jars.

Sustainable eco lip balm Avirida Handmade skincare australia Avirida green

Indulge in the madly luxurious yet affordable range at Avirida.

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Instagram: @avirida_green  
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Lotion Bar Co.

Detox your soul with the Lavender bath soak from Lotion Bar co. Packed with natural goodness, this is the perfect in-home relaxation TLC gift for the woman who has everything. Their goodies are handmade in small batches ensuring spectacular quality every time.

Wave goodbye to the jibber jabber of your daily life the minute you step into a warm bath nourished by this gorgeous lavender soak. 

Packed with the goodness of nature, this nurturing soak from Lotion Bar Co will make you feel like Cleopatra herself.

Awaken the goddess in you with this glorious, replenishing soak.

The woman who wants nothing definitely wants to relax and feel human again (this is every woman).

 handmade lavender bath soak Lotion Bar co handmade natural face oil australia Lotion Bar co

Pssst : We’re also eyeing their nourishing face oil, it looks divine. 

Follow their journey on socials :
Instagram: @lotionbar.com.au 
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Vestirsi - Italian luxury leather 

The luxurious Italian Leather handbags from Vestirsi are for the woman who chooses to look & feel sharp. But also for women who recognise supreme quality when they see it.

Handcrafted to perfection in Italy. These handbags follow simple rules : clean lines, exceptional quality and ensuring that every woman can afford a forever bag.

Their all black range is chic, modern and crisp. Making it easy for women to transition elegantly from corporate to casual evenings with the girls. 

A fab gift for woman that wants nothing because prefers quality over branded monograms and she’ll fall in love with Vestirsi and elegant and stylish she feels with their perfect handbags.

genuine italian leather handbag verstirsi elegant genuine leather handbags vestirsi

We’ve definitely got a soft spot for cross body bags and are absolutely crushing on Brigette (left/top) and Grace (right/bottom)

Shop : Verstiri
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Balance your elements and live a revitalised and energetic life when you drink water from a Yogibeings perfectly handmade copper bottle. 

Other than its powerful trifecta of anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, copper charged water also aids in melanin production to protect us from sun damage and promotes cell regeneration so you can be forever young.

Lighter, safer and more hygienic than carrying a glass water bottle. Give your aura the glow it needs with a Yogibeings pure copper bottle. Best of all, its natural, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The perfect gift for a woman who has everything. Give her the gift of eternal wellness and vitality with Yogibeings. 

Natural copper water bottles australia yogibeings sustainable pure copper waterbottles online yogibeings

We love having The Athlete cu900by our side at all times.

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Instagram : @yogibeings
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Playful, lively, colourful Kablooie clothes that bring instant joy. Simple cuts highlighting madly vibrant and eye catching prints by Kablooie is the quirkiest way to make a statement. 

Easy to play casual bananas or to dress up for a night out. Kablooie prints are distinct. Handmade to order (yup yup !!) in Australia. They’re guaranteed to spark joy while keeping you supremely comfortable. 

Their new prints consist ofYum Cha, Hello Tiger and Deck The Prawns. And, they’re all fun, cheerful, peppy prints that will make you look and feel fabulous. We’ve got a major crush on the Deck the prawns skirt #yum 

The woman who has everything MUST also have customised clothes from Kablooie.

womens dresses deck the prawns kablooie store vibrant printed clothes for women kablooie store

Pssst : for a limited time they’ve got shorts for men / boys and skirts for girls.

Shop : Kablooie
Follow their journey to joy at : 
Instagram : @kablooiestore  
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We must end our curation with that distinct Bidiliia sparkle. Bold, unapologetic, elegant jewellery that makes your heart glow. Handmade ethically by artisanal families in Spain. Bidiliia jewellery is not your typical ethical jewellery brand.
Making high quality, sparkly jewellery that’ll make any woman weak at the knees.

Eye catching, heart warming, finger twitching Bidiliia sparkle is perfect for the woman who has everything because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle.

We’re crushing hard on Maui it’s the perfect all day everyday ring. Adjustable, comfortable and distinctly luscious. 

But our current seasonal pick has to be the Sea Glam. Dense turquoise sparkle available in Rose Gold and Silver. The Sea Glam earrings and ringare delectable. Our yearly release sees, these rush out the door like a kid on red bull.

Go matchy matchy with the little one (or a stud wearing stud) by adding on thestuds for kidsto the Sea Glam.

unique adjustable statement ring Maui by Bidiliia mother daughter jewellery australia rose gold and turquoise swarovski

Shop : Bidiliia
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Instagram : @bidiliia 
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We hope we’ve brought you one step closer to finding the perfect gift for the woman who has everything but more so we hope that you choose a small business to support in return.

Buy less, choose well and make it last.

Anu. x

#womensupportingwomen : All the businesses featured above all women led businesses that are off the main street and create in their own marvelous ways but more importantly they’ll make any woman feel special and cared for. 


unique ethical jewellery online australia vintage glam statement ring bidiliia