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We believe in respecting craft while ensuring that what we do is handmade in an ethical fashion and that's because we're human and we want our craftsman and makers to come from a place of joy and contentment.

Ethical Fashion is broader terminology to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It all about people who bring fashion to life, issues like their working conditions and wages, is the production sustainable or does it have long term affects on the environment and wildlife.  There are a range of micro definitions that create 'ethical' fashion, in our case jewellery. 

Unfortunately, ethical and handcrafted are some of the most misused words in the fashion industry, at large, and unless we really think about when and where and who makes our jewellery, it's impossible to shift gears. 

Is ethical jewellery more expensive than sweat shop jewellery? YES IT IS. 

Does it have any hidden costs or loss of life behind it? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  

If you're intending to live humanely, try adapting ethical fashion / jewellery. You'll be surprised. Ethical is also attached to a certain standard of quality ....... it's pretty simple. 
If you cook food in a hurry and under exhaustive conditions, you're not going to like what turns out, right ? It's the exact same thing with ethical fashion ...... when your jewellery is made in joyous conditions, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE !! 

BE HUMANE, shift to slow, ethical retail habits, one step at a time. 




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