'The Shan' Blue Swarovski Ring

'The Shan' Blue Sapphire Swarovski Ring

Joyous, Lively, Sparkly. The Shan rose gold statement  ring with blue sapphire shimmer Swarovski sparkle is a stunning unicorn ring.

The Shan ring is unique and a perfect way to feel uplifted and motivated. 

An elegant adjustable statement ring with sapphire shimmer swarovski crystal finished in rose gold, this ring is a luscious must have.

Add a little sparkly zhuzh to your everyday with this unique statement ring.


Elegant Unique Ethical jewellery made affordable. Bidiliia.


Nitty Gritty : 

-Dimensions :

-Finish : Rose Gold plating / Light Sapphire Shimmer Swarovski crystal

-Metal : pewter/brass

-Origin : artisan made in Spain 

-Plating : nickle free lead free galvanization 

-Type : adjustable statement ring


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amy Wyhoon

Love the purple shimmer the Shan shines and its a fab ring to double up with others

Anastasia Geneave
She's Sparkly and Simply Fabulous.... She's The Shan

The Shan is my go-to when I want to feel magical. She oozes unicorn vibes, capturing the attention and hearts of everyone she meets.