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The Japanese are a culture to look up to on so many fronts and Design has to be atop that list. 

Japanese street fashion is one such thing, it's over the top, colorful, quirky, challenges the norms. 

Japanese street fashion

pic credits : WGSN 


Traditional Japanese fashion is ornate, complicated, clever and (also) over the top. 


pic credits : historyplex 
Japanese homes are usually quite the opposite, they're minimal, ritualistic, respectful of the environment and magnificently resistant to environmental lashings. They're drastically apart and yet manage to strike a balance. 

There is an insane amount of focus on visual drama and how things look on the outside, we know that from watching the Japanese dress, eat, drive, build and yet a strange simplicity and straightforwardness in what's on the inside self explained by their surroundings and the requirement for harmony, what they eat and definitely their contribution to technology. 

It's awe inspiring and many reasons to dive into for design & lifestyle inspiration. Their ability to detail and add on without a sense of disfunctioning is brilliant. 

Arigato, Japan. 

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