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September 21, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

How to create responsibly and with kindness 

We lead by kindness, in how we interact with our artisans, their time off is more important than our time off. Kindness towards the environment, in how we source our raw materials and use only genuine Swarovski's, our packaging and to minimise the use of plastic. Kindness in how we respect and love our customers. 

In humans (from personal experience), kindness has the strength to heal and lift your spirits. A kind gesture, a few words of appreciation, a pat on the back or just being nice to a stranger, they're all small acts of kindness. My days have often been turned around by the kind words of a stranger on social media or a smile from a fellow mum while walking the aisles of a supermarket. 

In business and in my case product driven business, kindness in everything you do will seep into everything you show. For Bidiliia, I resonate kindness with little notes when I send out jewellery and at a more extensive level, I start my design season by asking my asking my artisans on when they're on holiday instead of making them work to weird unacceptable deadlines, my concern and respect for their time away ensures that they don't push around my work, I get that in return 10 fold in the love they put into the pieces they create for me. 

For the environment, Bidiliia is attempting at avoiding 'plastic' as much as we can, we wrap our jewellery in tissue and not little plastic bags when we send them out. At a larger scale, by avoiding unethical manufacturing processes, we're say Thank You to the world and the joy it can bring. By raising our standards and working towards a vision we're being kind to the next generation. 

Be kind to everyone and everything around you. 

Strength, love & joy !