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Dainty isn't always Minimalistic

When I was researching all things Bidiliia, I was overwhelmed with the number of jewellery brands mistaking daintiness for Minimalism, not to say that dainty jewellery cannot be minimalist or visa versa, it's often used in a misleading manner, and that make's my work harder. To design with lack of lines and making jewellery structurally sound while ensuring versatility and chicness can be slightly restraining, but, knowing that it offers to the larger purpose of a minimalistic lifestyle is quite empowering. 

Minimalism in it's entirety is empowering, clean and allows for space. And when you take on minimalism beyond a singular object and apply it to your life, the versatility of what you have becomes a core essential. If you have a versatile wardrobe (mix & match), minimalism comes easy. When you buy into versatile design and exceptional quality, you, my dear friend, have struck gold. 

So far I've come across one brand that call their jewellery dainty and not minimalistic, and I LOVED that they did that.

So I ask you, do you have a heap of minimalistic jewellery that needs layering ? Consider buying a piece of artisanal jewellery that will serve you multiple purposes and take on a piece of minimalism.

Create space, give in to quality and strive to be minimalistic.
Be beautiful, classy & fabulous ! 

Strength, love & joy, 
The Minimalistic wife of a hoarder !! x 


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  • I would have loved to see pictures of the types of jewellery you are describing, as I’m no expert, but LOVE jewellery.

  • Less is Best

  • I would LOVE to have seen photos in this blog relating to what you are saying about minimalist and artisan! I love jewellery, and yours is fabulous xx

    Jenny De Lacy
  • “Allows for space”

    Perfectly put!

    I’ve always thought of minimalism as grounded space so your take speaks to me.


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