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September 06, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

So ! It's quite easy to take a quick class in art, jewellery making, pottery or 'name a craft of your choice' and redeem you're the newest kid on the block (my obsession was resin art and I was pretty decent at it), social media does a great job at making an artist out of EVERYONE. The over ridding skill being social media and not talent & skill, unfortunately, more often than not, true skill still lies in the hands of artisans who, with experience, know endless permutations of combining metals with stones with resin with clay and 'I can go on and on' (so i'm going to stop). Such skill, till date, comes with experience and finding artisans that haven't gone contemporary or come under the next mass manufacturer is quite daunting.

Finding artisans with the appropriate skills is a respect to their craftsmanship, art and knowledge. So if you're thinking of starting a new company that is creative in nature, consider artisans that could use you and your skills of appropriating their skill via use of social media. Bidiliia is as much about exceptional, versatile, ethical design as it is about putting craft in the hands of experience and artisans who deserve a little limelight and a LOT of respect for their skill. 

This is definitely not to critique people who hammer away at home, it's a great skill to have and I will fess up the courage soon to run a parallel, more fun handmade range, because, hey ! you can NEVER have too much jewellery, but, in saying that, I'm humble enough to know that I am of no comparison to the true artisan and I think it's time we as a generation brought forward true artisans. Unfortunately, we are now being seduced into the mere exposure effect when it comes to locally (not necessarily, artisan) made jewellery, my only hope is to scale back to artisans with the generational skill to handcraft jewellery, ethically & organically.  

Open your heart to the skill and respect for artisans. x