A touch of me

I'm Anu, owner, designer and creator of Bidiliia- an atelier honouring the craftsmanship of ethically handcrafted fashion jewellery. But most importantly, I’m “mum” to the kindest, most generous little, 3.5 yr, girl who inspires me each day to be a better person. My daughter is my muse, inspiration & joy. 

The concept for Bidiliia was dreamt up in the hospital when I was recovering from Total Knee Replacement Surgery in October 2015. This was my second surgery. Just a short while prior I had undergone a Bilateral Hip Replacement, the surgeries all preceded by months of pain and inability to walk and weight gain and not fitting into clothes and not wanting to try. 'Jewellery' in the worst of times made me happy. Meticulously crafted jewellery that wears well has the capacity to boost your day, for me it served a bigger purpose, it brought joy to otherwise painful days.

Designing & Developing accessories for more than 12 years, I have worked for some of the worlds most cherished brands internationally and in Australia, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, Don Algodon, Gap, The Gazal group & Leona Edmiston to name a few. My work adventures have taught me how to effectively design, forecast and bring concepts to life. My vision goes a little further and dives deep into the life of the artisans I have chosen, lending respect to their skill & artistry. Bidiliia is as much about good design as it is about quality and respect for art. It's at the core of my belief that respect for craft is essential.   


My daughter looks up to me. Through my work and Bidiliia, I'd like for her to have the strength to overcome everything that life brings her with grace, with love, and continue to have a sense of joy and wonder for life each day! 


Strength, love & joy ! 


  • best of luck. good job.

  • I love your story…such an inspiration.
    Dayna x

  • You are an inspiration to many like me!!! May you flourish and prosper my darling friend. Lots of love and wishes

    Shiny Titus
  • I wish you all the best dear for your future
    As i am also a lover of art i appreciate your spirit
    Good luck
    And God bless

  • Love it…. Big hugs


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