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August 26, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Our Surroundings affect how we work, this is true for you and me and everyone else too. 

Our outlook at life and our joy levels are often attributed by our surroundings, sure there are a few exceptions to that rule, but, speaking in general - the happiness of your surroundings reflect your outlook on life, agreed ? 

I live in Sydney, 3 kms from the CBD to be accurate.

And to have at your doorstep the likes of circular quay held together by the Harbour Bridge and Opera house is a thing of magnificence. It's quite easy to get inspired and dream of reaching for the start in such brilliant surroundings.

I have walked through, around, under & across (not to forget flown over) the Opera house a few hundred times, it's not just an architectural marvel, it's an inspiration - to stretch your imagination and make it work, even if it all come's crashing down (oh ! how grateful is the world that it didn't come crashing down) ! The harbour bridge is another such monument. So clearly, inspiration comes easy, my surroundings help me dream and more often than not. 

If you choose for it to be, you can reach a sense of calm and inspiration from what surrounds you, it doesn't have to be larger than life, it can be smaller in stature, in my case, it's my daughter, my 24x7 surrounding !

She is the kind of kid that makes you want to be a better person. She looks up to me and I want to ensure she has something worth looking up to, someone that imparts strength, kindness, humility and happiness and I try, I really do and so she tries, she really does ! It's hard not to want to work hard when your surroundings push you to ! 

Which brings us back to Bidiliia, the desire to work hard and want hard and jump into the unknown and learn. Struggle, power through and stay strong.