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August 23, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

When story telling, there's always more than meets the eye and beyond words there will always be more. 

Bidiliia has been a LONG time coming. It was what I dreamt of when I went to work, designing and developing for other designers. Bidiliia in many ways is my flight from ashes.

I LOVE jewellery made with LOVE !!  

I don't love brands, I LOVE exceptional craftsmanship. 

It's not just that handmade is better, it's that artisans with the love of their craft can never build anything that lacks character. Character that can sometimes be looked as flaws, but, never as uncomfortable, the flaws of handmade jewellery hold a story and a rawness that belongs and makes you feel empowered.

It has the power to bring you joy from within. You're questioning my ability to story tell, but, in all honesty, meticulously handmade jewellery is a tale in its own right.

My daughter's name means 'strong, active & powerful' and Bidiliia is a new world reflection of her name, having the strength to overcome any situation thrown your way is what I'm good at (maybe that's why I keep getting myself into trouble). The logo was designed while I was in rehab after a total knee replacement (no, i'm not 60, but, more about this soon) followed by a book full of sketches detailing all things I'd like to express, in the form of jewellery. 

As a design professional, I'm trained to process things in a theme, all collections have a theme and they must and so the 'theme' for all that I do is 'LIFE', unplanned, spontaneous, troublesome and yet full of sunshine, adventures and movement.  So no micro themes here, this is just life.  

Some women carry stiletto's in their totes, I'd like to add jewellery to that, there is nothing simpler than putting on gorgeous pair of earrings to make you feel (and look) fabulous. 

Every piece is a reflection of life, strength, love & joy.