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June 20, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

I've been MIA for the past few weeks and for a mind numbing reason. I was happily typing away and 'getting the work done' at 11:30 at night (a usual for me) a few weeks ago, when my phone rang, it was my cousin brother from India and he usually calls me when he's had a few drinks or if it's something serious, this call, to my despair was the latter. He called to inform me that my dad had passed away, so May 30 will be jammed in by brain as the day that shook my life.


My dad was a TRUE adventurer, a maverick, a free spirit - in the true sense of the word, confident and FULL of life. Over the past few years he had found a new love for archaeology and was working passionately towards getting clearance from government officials to survey caves in the heart of India. He had, however, been spending a LOT of time with family in New York and he wasn't meant to be in India in May, but, life called and he flew home on May 23, he turned 70 on May 25 and left for Morena (in the heart of India) on May 27, over the years he had decided that even though he loved to drive, he should start taking other modes of transportation, because, they're safer (highways in India can be stressful) - so - on May 30 he was on his way back home (Delhi) when at Mathura (the birthplace of Lord Krishna), when he had a cardiac arrest and just like that - he was gone ! No long term illness - just gone, in a space of a few seconds. 

And, so, my husband booked my on the first flight to Delhi with some much needed help from Shikhar travels, who were there for us after office hours helping me get home and I found myself, numb and in disbelief, doing the things that needed to be done, performing his last rites alongside my sister, just the way he would have wanted things to have worked out, doing the things he loved, sleepless and over endless cups of Chai - my dad used to make the BEST ginger tea, something I used to look forward to when I was home. 

TODAY, June 20, is the first day, I've found the courage to step up and take charge and do all the things, post awaited packages and thank the people who have helped me in the past 20 days, I'm going to leave that for socials. 

For now, I remember dad, his clean, pure heart and his free spirit. 





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