India needs your help

India needs your help, while the country gasps for Oxygen there are other, extremely pressing and devastating truths that we don't hear of in the media

There are daily wagers who can't earn to eat any longer

There are kids as young as a few days, who have lost both parents to covid

There are transgender humans who need shelter 

There are charity run crematoriums that are working beyond their capacity to provide last rites


And, while at a personal level, I have family battling with this horrific virus - I can't help but imagine how devastating this is for people who don't have the means to fulfil basic needs


Below are some of the MANY ways you can extend your support and help the people directly and immediately



The list above, is by no means the only way to provide relief for India and I will attempt to add other specific causes and means that you can support 


Donate directly, whether its $5 or $5000, and help provide essentials at ground level